Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Mini Revamp

Tonight I was suddenly inspired to bring out my inner re-vamper, and I just had to work on a mini project!!!  I had a frame sitting around that I had re-painted a while back, but hadn't really done much with it.  It was a 5x7 frame and I really don't have too many pictures in that size.  I'm one of those people who take a million pictures all the time, but am horrible about actually getting prints made.  Lame...I know.

I had painted a silver frame that was cute, but not my style in coloring.  I painted it delicious heirloom white a while back, and as I was cleaning my closet tonight I came across some extra corkboard that I had left over from my corkboard re-vamp.  I cut a small piece of the corkboard liner, the same size as the glass that comes in the frame.  

Since the cork I bought is made for drawer lining, it has a self-adhesive backing which is amazing!! (Seriously you gotta try this stuff!!) I applied it directly to the back of the frame.  Since it's self-adhesive it's super easy to remove if I ever want to use the frame for it's intended purpose.

After that I put it right back in the frame, and easy as that you have your own adorable mini-corkboard!!!

I wasn't really sure where I wanted use this little baby in my house.  After thinking for a while, I decided to use it in my kitchen to hold all my coupons that I get/print on my off week of grocery shopping.  I always seem to misplace them when I actually go grocery shopping, and this way I can keep track of them easily in a one stylish area! :)

Pretty darn cute huh? I'm in love and it was seriously one of the EASIEST projects I have ever done!  Gotta love that! :)  Hope you are having an amazing week!

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Ashley's Thrifty Living said...

Love the frame!! Love the detail. I could use a mini corkboard too. I leave notes all over the house, and then they get misplaced. This would be perfect for me! Looks great Kimmy!!

Laura Larson said...

It is so cute, what a great way to use a frame! I'm going to have to get myself some of that self-adhesive corkboard . . .

April @ HomeHinges.com said...

Super cute idea and so simple. I love that you have coupons tacked to it. Great idea and thanks for stopping by at HomeHinges.com.

Jami said...

That's such a clever idea!

Anonymous said...

simple and cute! i love it & think it'd be a good gift too!

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