Tuesday, April 21, 2009

more than ever before

"Hollywood isn’t just liberal, it is fearfully liberal. It is easier in Hollywood to say you’re a drug addict or to pretty much anything than to admit to being a committed Christian," media expert and longtime Hollywood publicist, Michael Levine of Levine Communications

This morning I was reading this new article (http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,517277,00.html) about the backlash that Ms. California has experienced for taking a stand against gay marriage that cost her the title of Ms. USA. Everything that I have read about this situation has been so negative about her and criticing her for being closed minded, and not in touch with her generation. It is so sad that the Christian world view and moral standard is one that is silent and a minority. I am convinced now more than ever that our country is ready for a GREAT awakening. I am so sick of hearing all this negativity about having morals and standing up for Christ. I want to see the Christians of the USA stand up for what they believe in and shake this nation with the power of God. I think it is awesome that Ms. California took a stand and wasn't untrue to her beliefs to win a title. I think the above comment from the article I was reading is a tragedy. It's a tragedy that it is better to be so strung out on drugs or alcohol and that is socially acceptable in Hollywood, but to live a life filled with conviction and morality is one that is looked at with distain and brutally criticized. No wonder this nation has experienced since a moral decline since the growing generation looks up to the "rolemodels" in Hollywood. It really breaks my heart!

My heart cry for revival is our nation is stronger than ever before and I believe that most Christians out there are on the same page. Pray for our country. Pray for this generation. Pray for revival. I can't wait for it to come!!

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