Sunday, April 25, 2010

it feels good to be back revamping!!

So, it's been quite some time since I have gone thrifting, looking for something to take from fugly to fabulous, but I FINALLY got back to it today!!  All winter long, it was just too cold to be in the garage spray painting, and honestly I have been saving every extra penny towards things for me personally that I hadn't even thought of any DIY revamps.

A while back I posted about my love for corkboards, and that's where this project started.  We have been piecing together the furniture in my loft area and it's definitely becoming my new favorite room in the house.  I absolutely love my bookshelves (I plan on posting sometime about them! :) ) and we just recently got a new desk which made me want to revamp something into a gorgeous Ballard inspired corkboard.  Oh Ballard Designs, how I love browsing through you for much inspiration!! I came across this Ballard bullentin board and fell in love.  I love how big it is, and what I love about corkboards is that they are ever changing pieces of art. What I didn't love was the $499 price tag.  You gotta be kidding me?!  If I'm gonna spend that amount of money on something it's gonna be a Louis Vuitton, not a freaking corkboard!!

So with this inspiration in mind, I headed to my local thrift store in search of a large frame that I could transform into my dream corkboard...and that's where I met this baby.

Pretty..not so much, but what worked for me was the traditional style of the frame & the $14 price tag.  This frame doesn't look as big as it really is, but it's a biggie.  I had to manipulate it to fit inside my little compact car, but where there's a will, there's a way!!

I sanded it down and then pulled out my trusty Rustoleum Heirloom White spray paint, and because of the size of the frame I decided to pickup two cans.

I sprayed and sprayed that frame with two good coats and already my heart was so excited about how it was turning out!!

I didn't worry to paint too much over the ugly painting since I knew that I was going to be covering it over with cork.  I did make sure that about a 1/2 inch around it was covered pretty good in case the cork didn't go exactly to the trim of the frame.

For my cork, I just swung by my local Target and picked up the cork drawer liners.  What I loved about these is that they have a self-adhesive backing, so no gluing was required, and at $9 you can't beat that!

My husband was kind of enough to lend me a helping hand rolling out & measuring the cork, and well as holding it straight while I trimmed to size and applied to the frame.  It's definitely a job for two people since the roll does just that, rolls up!  After all that I ended up with this beauty!

Ta-da!! Isn't she beautiful?! Large and perfectly white wood like I love! Total cost for revamp, about $30! Take that Ballard Designs! :)   I decided to hang her above the desk in my loft to hold all different kinds of goodies.  Pictures, drawings, invitations, thank you notes, and so on and so forth.

I couldn't love it anymore and it was really that simple & that affordable!!!  I finished the whole project in a few hours and the transformation is great!!  Hope you all love it!!  :)

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Well, tomorrow is my birthday!! I'm gonna be the big 2-3!! Woo hoo!! I still can't believe how old I am, I do realize that 23 is not old, but it just seems like I was just 18, and 23 totally snuck up on me!! Well since my birthday fell this year in the middle of the week, and that doesn't allow for much celebration on my actual birthday, I spent this past weekend celebrating the day away!

On Saturday, the hubs and I went out to lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, Benihana! It was SOOOO delish and we both ate way more than we should have.

Sunday, we went out with some of our closest friends to celebrate by having a fun afternoon of bowling!! I didn't really perform the best, but it was definitely a lot of fun!

My bestie Casey & I

James & the hubs

I love that guy! <3

My favorite girlies!!

My sweet girlies, got me the cutest gifts!! An adorable picture frame, & stinking cute mug!

I'm a so special they gave me a birthday dessert!!

Since I work tomorrow and then have to volunteer at church, Scott and I decided to celebrate tonight and he gave my gifts.  He really super spoiled me this year!!! I got the entire series of Friends, (say WHAT?!) and an Itunes gift card!! Wow, he really outdid himself!! I'm so blessed!!

He even was really sweet and brought me my favorite blizzard from DQ and put a birthday candle in it!! Aww!! My little nephew had stopped by tonight to give me bday kisses and gifts! He was excited to share my special birthday treat with me! :)

I'm thinking twenty-three is going to be my BEST year yet!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

what's kept me from blogging...

The past couple weeks have been a busy, busy, blur!! As I mentioned in a previous post, my sister and her girls flew in from California to spend two weeks with us over Easter.  I was literally so busy and not home for more than just sleep, but it was such a fun time!! My nieces are getting so big and I can't believe how much of their little lives I miss out on! :(  Anyways, all of that, and so much more has kept me away from my blog, but now I'm back in action!!

I wanted to share a few of the cutie pics I got while they were all here!!
My beautiful nieces, Avery, Bailey, & Dakota.
My adorable Avery a.k.a. Smoochie, diggin' in.

love that little girl!!

Kaden and I.  He's my sweet little monkey!

All the kiddos at the zoo.

My big 5 year Dakota old! How can that be?!

Haha! :)  Too cute for words!

Brennen & Bailey,  my oldest nephew & niece.  
How precious are they?!

I hope everyone had the best Easter ever!! I have a fun post planned for tomorrow about my birthday celebrations I had over the weekend!! Yes, ya'll it's my birthday this Wednesday!! The big 2-3!!! Can't wait to share my fun pics from this weekend!!

Lots of love from me to you,

Friday, April 2, 2010

the perfect new accesory

I hope you all are having a wonderful week! Can you believe it's already April?? It's amazing how time flies.  I have been so busy the past 9 days spending time with my sister & nieces who have come to visit me, as well as my Grandma who arrived this week.  I love spending time with my family and being busy with so much to do!  It's been fun playing with all my nieces and nephews, and enjoying their adorableness!

Speaking of family, I just had to share with you some great news! My wonderfully creative sister-in-law Shaynah just opened her Etsy shop and let me tell you, she has THE cutest accesories for your home!!  She has the best girlie, shabby chic style of anyone I know, and if that fits with your decor, you definitely need to check her shop out!!

Here are a couple of the cute things she has to offer!!

Ok, did I not tell you she has GREAT style?!? So, I definitely suggest that you guys all swing by her shop and take a browse.  You'll continue to be impressed!! 

Here is the link to her shop!!

I hope you have a blessed Easter Sunday with your family!! I know I will!!

Lots of love from me to you,

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