Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008...what a year!

2008 has been one incredible year for me!! I knew that it would be big year for me, but it was better than I ever could have thought it would be. God has been so extremely good to Scott & I and blessed us beyond what we could have asked for. I can definitely say that it has been a year of drastic change, but it's been one fun adventure. I feel like recapping the good things that happened this year because so often it's easy to push those memories aside, but they are something that I want to keep, even if I end up being the only one to ever read this!!!

January kicked off my new year with quite a bang, Scott & I closed on our home January 30th and that was such an overwhelming day! Of course on the morning we closed we got to the office like an hour before our appointment time and as we sat in Scott's car it was a mixture of excitement, nervousness, and the feeling of "is this REALLY happening?" As we sat and signed through endless amounts of paperwork that would make any one's head spin finally after what seemed like forever they handed us the key to our home and said "Congratulations!" Again, the feeling of "is this REALLY happening?" hit us as we shook her hand and said "Thanks!" I will never forget the first time that Scott opened up the front door to our empty house, and even though we had been in the house just days before we closed, it was like the strangest new feeling I had ever had. As Scott & I stood quietly in our living room, I slid across the floor in our dining room and was like "WOO HOO!!" and it broke in our home. The best part of that day came shortly after that WOO HOO moment when Scott & I prayed together and dedicated our house to the Lord because it was HIS greatness and provision that brought us to that place!

Fast forward 5 months down the road, June 13th, 2008. THE BIG DAY!! The days leading up to it were hectic and I felt the most exhausted that I think I have ever felt in my life thus far. I remember the night of our rehearsal that I was definitely tense and crabby because I literally had been going non-stop since that Monday. Shaynah came up to me in the Bride's room and was like "Are you OK? You don't seem like yourself" (or something of that nature) and I started to cry and let out an "I AM SOOOO TIRED!!" I was trying to be brave and not let everyone see me cry but in that moment the emotions overwhelmed my "braveness". Thankfully when I got back from the dinner I pretty much konked out and was refreshed for the next day. I woke up really early in the morning (as is expected) and I was the only one awake. I remember it was a beautiful cool summer morning and the sun was bright and shining. I sat outside with my dog Lilly and spent time in prayer with the Father. I remember just specifically asking him for peace and that everyone who came to the wedding and was in the wedding would be overwhelmed with peace. It was an awesome moment and He totally fulfilled my request. The one thing that I heard from all the guests was how relaxing and calming everything was and how I was the most relaxed glowing Bride most of them had seen. (Who knows if they were just saying that, but either way it made me happy!) Even those around me where like what is going on? because I was more quiet than my usual self. Everything about that day was perfect, not everything went as according to plan, but it was perfect. I had such amazing friends and family make the day more than I ever could have imagined! The most memorable moments I have were obviously with Scott although to pinpoint just one would be silly because they were all so wonderful. What I really love is looking back at his face in the pictures because if you know Scott he usually only gives one expression in photos, but in all our wedding photos his expressions are the most genuine ones that I usually only get to see when we are together. That will forever make my day.

Our honeymoon in Vegas was probably the slowest time we had after the wedding, it was such a fun experience to get to travel with Scott for the first time! He had NEVER been on a plane before and poor guy gets pretty bad motion sickness. We have 2 flights to Vegas and he was really sick when we finally got the hotel that it ruined our first day there. I felt awful for him because his first experience in flying was anything but pleasant. We fixed that problem on the flight back Dramamine is amazing!! :) Anyways, Vegas was wonderful, just relaxing and ordering room service, it was a short trip but it was the most fun!

The rest of the year went by fast and I don't have much to really do an extensive recap on, but it was great. September brought little Kaden into our lives, and he is such a blessing. November brought Avery Faith, a double blessing in a little bundle. I guess as I look back at what happened in 2008, I am so thankful for the little things, family, friends, work, life, love with all those in my life my year would have been just as extraordinary, but the Lord is such a wonderful Father that He had to add in extra blessings to make my year outstanding. I hope that you were just as blessed as I was!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Monday, December 29, 2008

i can't say it all..

If you went to MCA, you probably remember in Bible class or in any class where you would take prayer requests that you could give an "unspoken" request if you didn't want to tell everyone what your need was. I guess I am writing this blog today because I have that request. There is a situation going on in my life & my family's life and it could really use some extra coverage in prayer, although the details are things I will not divulge.

I wish I could write it all out, because that would make me feel better, but it's just not something I can do. I would really appreciate it if everyone who reads this would just let the Holy Spirit use you to pray for this situation. This is something that is the most difficult thing I have had to deal with, as well as those around me who are involved in this situation, and I know that only by HIS strength and guidance that a solution can be met.

I can ask you to pray for these things:
-Peace & Comfort
-Direction & Guidance
-Supernatural provisions

Thank you so much for caring enough to lift these things up in your prayers! I appreciate it more than words can say. Also, I would encourage you to let the Holy Spirit use you to pray for those around you who may be going through situations like me, where they can't tell you everything that is going on in their life, but they still need someone to bear up underneath them in prayer. Even though on the outside it may all look OK, you never know what someone is dealing with behind closed doors.

Monday, December 22, 2008

we go together....

scott & kimmy go together like.....

minnie & mickey

rainboots & umbrellas

milk & cookies

peanut butter & jelly

christmas trees & presents

ice cream & ice cream cones

..& last but not least,


...i have met my perfect match!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

a little bit more personal

I feel like being a little bit more “raw” and personal with my post today, I guess mostly it’s because of what has been on my mind the past few days, and writing for me has always been a great vent. I feel like when I am able to write my thoughts out that it is a way of me dealing with whatever is going on in and my life, and even at times it’s my way to let go.

I feel like in a lot of my friendships that I have had that I invested more than I have ever received from it. I feel like in so many of those friendships that I have been the convenient friend, or the dependable friend [in the sense that I will always be there whenever they need something but not vice versa], and quite honestly I am getting a little bit tired of it all. In high school I know that there were a lot of people like this in my life, people that no matter how awful they treated me, or how much they neglected me as a friend that I would always rush to their side when they needed someone. It wasn’t until I met Scott that I was really able to see that. He was so brutally honest with me about some of those people because he saw that I deserved to have so much more than what they offered. Even in that knowledge, I don’t think I really understood until college how really untrue some of those friendships were. I met amazing people while I was at Rhema, people who are the greatest friends that I have ever had the chance to know, and my eyes were open to see a lot of the things that I was missing. I am so blessed to have those people in my life still to this day, and it makes me sad that I don’t get to see them as much as I wish I could, but they are forever the greatest friends I have.

I feel like I am in a place in my life right now where some people around make me feel again like I felt in high school. Feeling like I am not good enough to be someone worthy of their friendship, or that I am “second-string” in the sense that if nothing better comes along then I will consider you. Almost like a closet friend, meaning that you are my friend as long as no one else is around to know that you're my friend. Sometimes it feels to me like with people that it’s this front that gets put up, in the sense that they will be nice to you face to face but when it comes down to it, they don’t really care about you. Really, I know that this shouldn’t be even important to me because my life is fulfilling in its own right, but I guess some times you can’t help but feel.

I feel like with those people that they almost try to make you feel bad for being yourself, and that you should apologize for who you are because you don’t meet their standard, or that you aren't fun enough to be around them. I am sorry, but I am not going to apologize for being me, I happen to like who I am. I am not as weak as I was in the past when I would let people treat me like dirt. I am a much stronger person now and I have grown up a lot. Growing up doesn't mean I am not who I was because I have remained true to who I am. I am still the same old me, nothing has changed about that. I have the same silly fun side to me, I still love to giggle, and have a good time, never taking things too seriously. I still love with all my heart, and if you are my friend you can guarantee that as long as you offer the same to me, that nothing is more to me than keeping you in my life. So if you don’t love it, then leave it because I really think I am past that point of caring. I am not going to feel sorry or feel bad for being ME! I love me, and there are plenty of people in my life who love me for me too!! I am not going to even try to make things work with those types of people because there are too many good things & good people in my life that I don't need all that extra stuff weighing me down.

So, there is my vent. Like I said, helps me get it out, & let it go.

Friday, December 12, 2008

if this can't make you smile...

...then there is seriously something wrong with you!!!

This is my baby nephew Kaden and I just love him to pieces that I have to share this adorable picture with you! He is my sister Pam's baby and he is a big 3 month old now. Can you tell I am a VERY proud auntie?!! Have a happy winter weekend!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

6 amazing years

Six years ago my life forever changed. On that wonderful Wednesday, December 11th, 2002 I started dating the most wonderful person that I have ever known, and thus began the amazing journey that I am still on today. Now, I know now that we are married that it’s not our official anniversary, and we don’t celebrate it anymore, but I have to acknowledge what this day means to me.

Even before the day that Scott asked me to be his girlfriend, I knew that he was someone incredibly special to me, and even if I couldn’t pin-point all that he meant I knew that his role in my life would completely change me. When he asked me to be his girlfriend that night, it is a moment that I will never ever forget. I remember exactly how I felt and everything about that moment as it is just happened yesterday. It was such a special moment filled with the newness of young love. I remember being so giddy and filled with butterflies that I could hardly fall asleep that night! Scott bought me a teddy bear and gave it to me that night, and it was such a cute thing that I still have today that brings me back to that moment. It’s amazing to me that the Lord had completely planned out the adventure that we would face together, and how that moment was the beginning of His wonderful plan for us.

I never would have thought that day how being with Scott would enrich my life, and make me happier beyond my wildest imagination. I never would have thought that in him I would find my very best friend who would be so loving and loyal to me through thick, thin, good, bad, long distance, and any other thing I could throw at him. He is the most wonderful person I have ever met and I am so blessed to call him my husband. The past 6 years that I have spent getting to know him and love him have been the greatest time of my life, and the past 6 months of being his wife is beyond anything that I could ever describe in words. I am so blessed that my Heavenly Father created my soul mate in Scott. That He went out of His way to create in him all the things that I would ever want or need, and so much more. I am so thankful that I have someone in my life to show me the constant love regardless of whatever comes. I love Scott more and more every day, and I appreciate him more every day, and I am so blessed to have someone who loves me for every part of who I am, but more importantly that he loves the Lord with every part of who he is. I can’t wait for the next 6 years!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

i've been upgraded!!

Yes, it’s true I have upgraded big time from winter 2007. All thanks to my beautiful new townhouse & our wonderful two car garage!! Winter is officially here in Minnesota and we have got a few inches of snow over the last 3 days, and I am so happy to pull my car into my garage and not have to think about scraping and brushing inches of snow off of it the very next day. It’s a beautiful thing!! Last year we closed on our house in January and Scott got to live there alone until the wedding, and every time we got snow last year and I was scraping off my car in the early morning with wind chills below zero, I would think about how unfair it was that he got to use our garage and I was stuck parking in the driveway at my parents house! So it goes without saying that I am so happy to have “upgraded” this year and have my very own garage!! It makes winter a little easier to deal with. Now only if we could come up with a solution for those pesky slippery streets….

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