Tuesday, December 9, 2008

i've been upgraded!!

Yes, it’s true I have upgraded big time from winter 2007. All thanks to my beautiful new townhouse & our wonderful two car garage!! Winter is officially here in Minnesota and we have got a few inches of snow over the last 3 days, and I am so happy to pull my car into my garage and not have to think about scraping and brushing inches of snow off of it the very next day. It’s a beautiful thing!! Last year we closed on our house in January and Scott got to live there alone until the wedding, and every time we got snow last year and I was scraping off my car in the early morning with wind chills below zero, I would think about how unfair it was that he got to use our garage and I was stuck parking in the driveway at my parents house! So it goes without saying that I am so happy to have “upgraded” this year and have my very own garage!! It makes winter a little easier to deal with. Now only if we could come up with a solution for those pesky slippery streets….


ps said...

Just move to AR!! Then you won't any pesky winter weather to deal with. An occasional snow that melts by the next day and beautiful sunny days with temps in the 40's and 50's. At night temps in the 30's so you can still have a fire and enjoy the change of seasons. It's awesome! Congrats on your nice townhouse. It looks beautiful!

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