Friday, February 19, 2010

i'm in love!

Yes, I know I have been absent from my blog lately.  I wish I had more fun stuff to blog about but my life is not that entertaining. Haha :)  I am hoping to get some project done in the springtime so hopefully there will be more fun projects coming in the future posts!!

I had a great valentine's with my hubby!! Our 8th one together, can you believe that?! We played it pretty low keyed, stayed home and just spent time together (which is my very favorite thing to do anyways!).

We decided to make some home-made pizza, they turned out super delicious! 

I made some yummy chocolate covered strawberries for dessert. My favorite dessert!!!

Overall, it was a great valentine's day.  I love that Scott is my forever valentine!!

On another happy note, I finally got my camera that I have been saving for months for!! I am SO in love with it!!! I got a gorgeous Cannon Powershot SX 20 IS.  
Ain't it pretty??? I can't say enough how much I love it!! Hope you all had a great day of celebrating love with your loved ones!!

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