Tuesday, November 25, 2008


One of the many things that Scott has introduced into my life is the love of football. I never grew up watching it or enjoying it, or really even having a desire to learn or get into it, but that has changed since I started dating Scott. It actually really wasn’t until after I moved home from Rhema that we really started watching it together every Sunday. I don’t know if it is because in our earlier years of dating, he would do whatever I wanted to do [like any boyfriend would] and I never would choose to watch football, regardless of the reason I am glad that we started this “tradition”.

I used to think it was weird that girls enjoyed watching football with their boyfriend/husband because to me, it never seemed intriguing. As I started to watch it with Scott it become fun to me because it was something he enjoyed watching, and so I wanted to learn to enjoy it too so that it would be a fun thing for us to do together. Now, it is something that we do every Sunday, and it is even better now that we have our own home. We snuggle up on the couch & arm chair, and watch it all afternoon long on Sunday. It is one of the days we actually get to spend together, and I find myself looking forward to it because it is so mellow and just a nice relaxing time [and I usually get to make something yummy like queso for us to enjoy!!].

However, we are a house divided. We both have two very different opinions on our favorite teams & quarterbacks. Mine is Tom Brady & the New England Patriots, of course, not only because he is GORGEOUS, but because he can throw a pigskin like no one else, and the Patriots are dominate!! Scott’s favorite quarterback is……ELI MANNING, and his team is the New York Giants! Now if you watched the superbowl last year you know why we disagree so harshly on this issue. Scott has had a lot of fun this year teasing me since TB is injured for the season, and the Giants aren’t doing too shabby [although I would never admit to saying that]. Honestly, we don’t really fight about it, but it’s fun to tease each other and have some disagreement over it, keeps life interesting.

So, tell me, do you side with my opinions or Scott’s?


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