Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Well, tomorrow is my birthday!! I'm gonna be the big 2-3!! Woo hoo!! I still can't believe how old I am, I do realize that 23 is not old, but it just seems like I was just 18, and 23 totally snuck up on me!! Well since my birthday fell this year in the middle of the week, and that doesn't allow for much celebration on my actual birthday, I spent this past weekend celebrating the day away!

On Saturday, the hubs and I went out to lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, Benihana! It was SOOOO delish and we both ate way more than we should have.

Sunday, we went out with some of our closest friends to celebrate by having a fun afternoon of bowling!! I didn't really perform the best, but it was definitely a lot of fun!

My bestie Casey & I

James & the hubs

I love that guy! <3

My favorite girlies!!

My sweet girlies, got me the cutest gifts!! An adorable picture frame, & stinking cute mug!

I'm a so special they gave me a birthday dessert!!

Since I work tomorrow and then have to volunteer at church, Scott and I decided to celebrate tonight and he gave my gifts.  He really super spoiled me this year!!! I got the entire series of Friends, (say WHAT?!) and an Itunes gift card!! Wow, he really outdid himself!! I'm so blessed!!

He even was really sweet and brought me my favorite blizzard from DQ and put a birthday candle in it!! Aww!! My little nephew had stopped by tonight to give me bday kisses and gifts! He was excited to share my special birthday treat with me! :)

I'm thinking twenty-three is going to be my BEST year yet!!!


Ashley Schott said...

Happy Birthday Love!!!! How cute are you guys having a fun party at the bowling alley!? So adorable. I hope your 23rd year is amazing:)

Tann said...

happy bday!! *too late, but it's ok, yes?
hehehe.. is that your kid? he's adorable.. I just wonder.. how old are u when giving birth? I accompanied my friend's sister gave birth last week,. and I saw it really hurt.. =/

check my blog too if u don't mind.. www.chechetan.blogspot.com

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