Tuesday, April 21, 2009

more than ever before

"Hollywood isn’t just liberal, it is fearfully liberal. It is easier in Hollywood to say you’re a drug addict or to pretty much anything than to admit to being a committed Christian," media expert and longtime Hollywood publicist, Michael Levine of Levine Communications

This morning I was reading this new article (http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,517277,00.html) about the backlash that Ms. California has experienced for taking a stand against gay marriage that cost her the title of Ms. USA. Everything that I have read about this situation has been so negative about her and criticing her for being closed minded, and not in touch with her generation. It is so sad that the Christian world view and moral standard is one that is silent and a minority. I am convinced now more than ever that our country is ready for a GREAT awakening. I am so sick of hearing all this negativity about having morals and standing up for Christ. I want to see the Christians of the USA stand up for what they believe in and shake this nation with the power of God. I think it is awesome that Ms. California took a stand and wasn't untrue to her beliefs to win a title. I think the above comment from the article I was reading is a tragedy. It's a tragedy that it is better to be so strung out on drugs or alcohol and that is socially acceptable in Hollywood, but to live a life filled with conviction and morality is one that is looked at with distain and brutally criticized. No wonder this nation has experienced since a moral decline since the growing generation looks up to the "rolemodels" in Hollywood. It really breaks my heart!

My heart cry for revival is our nation is stronger than ever before and I believe that most Christians out there are on the same page. Pray for our country. Pray for this generation. Pray for revival. I can't wait for it to come!!


ps said...

I am praying and so is our church for the Greatest Awakening. We will have it in this nation!!!

Anonymous said...

I wanted to remain anonymous for lots of reasons. One most importantly to express how important I feel it is to accept whoever the person is regardless of their sexual orientation. God of course has certain guidelines for his word and our life. However, part of me believes that being Gay isnt any more wrong than any other sin. Sure, Ms. California had a RIGHT to speak out. But it doesnt mean her view is right or that Gays do not have a right to marry. I personally, as a christian, find it wrong that people everywhere (including Christians) are not allowing the same same rights as everyone else. Religious traditions *should* be honored and CAN be honored. However, I fully 100% believe in same sex unions. With that, I also don't believe that being gay is any more a choice as being straight. if someone told me that who I loved was wrong, I would pretty much tell them off. I cant imagine someone telling me to fall in love with someone else because its wrong to fall in love with the current person I am in love with. Does that make sense? I know I am somewhat a coward for not showing my name. but I have my reasons. Feel free to delete. It has just been something that has been on my mind. I think we all need to keep that in mind while thinking of Gay and lesbians. They still have the same rights. We as Christians cannot be too holier-than-thou to feel like they dont deserve as much as us straight people do.

Kimmy said...

Well thank you for your comment, I would have to respectfully disagree with you. I fully believe that you cannot say that you are a Christian, who believes the FULL Bible and agree & stand for homosexuality. All throughout the Bible from beginning to end the word CLEARLY states that homosexuality is not of God and that is a persersion of what God created to be the most wonderful thing, love between his created beings man & woman. I don't hate homosexual people, but I will NOT stand for a redefiniton of something that God created and intended to be only between a man and woman. Regarding someone being "born gay" that is also a huge persion of the intention of creation. If God had intended for us to be gay, why at creation then did He only create man and woman to be one flesh? If His intention was man & man or woman & woman, he would have created so then. It is NOT in our nature to be gay, but rather it is something that is perverted over time by the thought life of that individual lusting towards something that is unnatural. I pray that you would be able to see the word of God for what it is and what the TRUTH of it is. Truth is truth regardless of what you believe or what this world believes and you cannot claim to know and live for God and stand up for something that is against who He is and what His word says..it's all or nothing, you cannot pick and choose. Here is a great site for you to look over what the Bible says about homosexuality...if you are a Christian as you say, I would think you would believe the Bible...it's all there clear as night and day. Either choose to believe God or don't that is up to you, I pray that you would choose to believe what He says.

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