Saturday, October 30, 2010

bestie yearly tradition {{pumpkin carving}}

The bestie, Casey and I have a yearly tradition of carving pumpkins together.  We have already established that someday when we have kiddos, we will incorporate them into this tradition too.  Last night was the BIG night and we always have so much fun getting grubby cleaning out pumpkin guts.

Here we are with our stellar pumpkins!

I didn't really get much of us actually carving the pumpkins this year, but my other favorite thing that we always do it take goofy pictures of us in the dark with the pumpkins lit up.  It's definitely the highlight of the night!!

Our cute pumpkins!! Wilfred is to the left, that's Casey's, and Matilda, to the right...she's all mine!  They love eachother! Haha :) 

I couldn't ask God for a better best friend! She gets my crazy antics and goes along with them!! Can't wait to do it all again next year!



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