Thursday, October 14, 2010

happy anniversary!!!

Today is my parents 43rd wedding anniversary!!!! In a world that is more committed to having an excuse to bail when things get tough, rather than truly committing to each other for life, and committing to make it through all the challenges that life throws your way, this is for sure an extraordinary accomplishment, and something that should be celebrated!!

I know that my parents are far from perfect people, but I have had the honor and privilege to grow up observing the love and commitment that they have to each other, and I could not have asked God for a better example of two people who are committed to a Godly marriage. They raised FIVE kids, which by no means was an easy task I am sure.  They have moved more times than I can count, and have gone through so much more than I am sure I will never even know!  I can say for sure, that they have had more trials and tests than I am sure other people have ever faced or will ever face, but have always found a way to trust God and be there for each other through it all, and grow in love each year.  

So, to my amazing Mom & Dad, I wish you a very HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! I love you so very much! Thank you for being a great example of God's love to me, and to each other.  I am so thankful that I was blessed by God to be raised by two amazing parents!!!


Ashley's Thrifty Living said...

wow! 43 year! That is amazing and definitely something to look up to! Happy Anniversary!

Ruffled Snob said...

yeesh that is a long time to be married. HOW WONDERFUL! ps I think your dad's glasses in the wedding photo are seriously stylish~they are back in:) can't wait until we have been married that long!

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