Monday, July 14, 2008

here i go again

so i am again to blog my little heart out!! i tried to start blogging again earlier in the year but with the wedding and everything else that was going on, it wasn't something that i could keep up on a daily basis. however now that i am a old married lady [not really but you know what i mean :)] i think that i can keep this up! blogging for me is pretty theraputic, it helps me to clear my mind and keep track of my own thoughts.

so what is good in life for me? scott and i have been married a month now, it feels like it has been longer than that yet i feel like our wedding was yesterday. it is funny to me how that works! the past month has been such a fun time of learning and growing together as husband and wife. it has been so interesting to finally live with him and learn a lot of new things about him, which to me is so funny since we have been together for 5 1/2 years. i love living with my best friend, waking up to him in the morning and then going to sleep with him at night, there really is nothing better!

being married has been such a growing experience in my relationship with the Lord as well. it is so wonderful to experience one of the greatest blessings that God ever created for His children in the gift of marriage. i now can understand why there is such an attack on marriage and what it stands for in this world, because it truly is such a blessing from God. there truly is nothing like it, and i am so grateful to know what marriage truly means. anyways, i won't blabber on forever, i am sure in future posts this subject will continue :)


Elle said...

HA oh Kimmy! Of course I am patriotic. It's in my blood - plus I work for "The Man!"

I loved your post. Living and married to your best friend *sigh* - you're right. God knew what he was doing by creating the institution of marriage. What a gift it is. That's why Satan tries to attack it - by penetrating it at the root and perverting it. He can only twist things - not create - like our Father, the Creator. Glad you are married and happy. Such a tremendous blessing. So sorry I missed out on your celebration. You know I would have been there if I could have. Nonetheless, I'm so happy for you two!

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