Wednesday, July 30, 2008

the small things

so yesterday i went to out to ice cream with my good friend lauren and we had such a wonderful time talking like always, and we got on to the topic of lifestyle evangelism. we both have had many experiences in our lives with people, and through our lives we have had the opportunity to share the love of God, simply because that person was watching our life, and noticed something different.

when i was going to school at rhema, we had a class about evangelism. we studied different types of evangelism, and one of those was lifestyle. the teacher of the class stated that he felt that lifestyle evangelism was one of the most powerful tools that we have to be a witness for Christ in this world. a lot of people will not listen to a preacher, or even step foot in a church, but when they know you are a Christian, they WATCH you. they probably will study your life harder than you will ever know. each day we have the opportunity to share Christ in a powerful unspoken way, and that is simply by living your life in a manner that will bring glory to Him. whether it is in simply smiling at someone every day, preferring someone in line, buying someone lunch, not swearing, not being hateful or angry, in whatever it is you have the chance to be a shining light for the Lord.

last night Lauren said that with living your life for Christ and being a witness that it isn't even in the big things that people notice, but its in the small day to day things that we don't realize. i have known this to be true in my life. with many of my coworkers it has been the simple things that they have brought up as a reason that made them know there was something different about me. whether it is my optimism, my kindness, my joy, or my conscience to not lie, cheat, swear, drink, smoke, or whatever it is, they are the things that don't phase me or seem big at all, but to the outsider who is watching, it speaks volumes.

i guess my point in all this is that each day remember to glorify God in your life and your actions, you never know who is watching you and you may be the only Jesus that they will ever see. make sure that you reflect Him in a manner that He is worthy of. this is something that i constantly have to work at, every day is a choice, but the results have been awesome for me, and i know they will be for you too.


Elle said...

I completely agree. Lifestyle evangelism is so very important. Sometimes people will study you so hard once they know you are a Christian to try and find something you do wrong in your life in order to justify their wrongdoings. Christians living and walking upright will surprise them. God is good. Good post, Kim. You've inspired me to write on this topic, dear. Praying for you!

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