Thursday, July 24, 2008

and he'll do it again

so lately scott and i have been facing some challenges in the financial realm. now, its not anything horribly challenging, but things have been tighter then usual. with paying off final bills for the wedding, and having gone over budget a smidge, it made things tighter than we are used to. now why am i sharing this personal part of my life with you? because in every obstacle and challenge that i have faced, God has ALWAYS been bigger.

not only where things tight because of the wedding and honeymoon expenses, the cherry on top of that was that my break pad on my car needed to be fixed, among other things that needed to be cleaned up, so there was another expense that didn't need to be added to our already tight looking finances. Praise God that He is always BIGGER then our problems! scott and i were talking about this situation and he was really down on it, not speaking faith or the word of God over the situation, just really looking at it from the worldy perspective. so i stopped him as he was talking and i took the time to remind him that God has never let us down, that He has ALWAYS been there when we needed something, when we couldn't do it in our own strength He has made a way. why would this situation be any different? why in this situation would He let us down? scott agreed with me, and said well we need something to happen because we can't do this on our own.

and nevertheless the very next day we got a call from someone who knew of our situation and wanted to make sure that we knew that if we needed a little extra help with paying for my car repairs that they would be there to help us. PRAISE GOD! it was so awesome that the day after scott and i decided to speak the word over our situation that God was able to step in and make a way for us! even better news is that things ended up not being as tight as we thought and we probably won't need to borrow the money from that person, but we still have a way if we need it.

i guess my point is always remember the goodness of God. there is so much in life that the Lord has done for you, and in those moments when things get tough and the devil is trying to get you down, and get you focused on the problem at hand, look up to Him and remember what He has brought you through. remember His faithfulness and what awesome obstacles He has taken care of for you. if He did it once, He will do it again, that is a promise you can rely on!


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