Monday, July 21, 2008

what are you dreaming about?

i LOVE the word of God! i love how you can read one thing and it will explode a million things inside you from just ONE word from God. this weekend pastor mac had a great message on imagination & expectation and it really stirred me up. he was talking about using your thought life to imagine what the blessing of God could be in your life. he encouraged us to set aside time in our day to imagine our life as God see's it, through the word and the promises contained in it.

this morning while i was at work i spent some time doing that. i was folding some invoices that i do everyday and instead of daydreaming about getting more sleep, i thought about my life and what God's word has to say about it. i thought about living a life that is truly BLESSED beyond measure! it got me really excited! there are so many things and dreams that the Lord has placed in my heart and i spent some time just imagining myself doing exactly all that He has shown me. it is so exciting to think about fulfilling the call on your life, and doing it with no lack but having MORE then enough to reach the world with the power of Christ. there could be nothing better!! :)

i love how if all we ever has was just one promise, one verse in the word of God and that would be enough for the rest of our life, but God gave us so much more than that! He gave us an entire book filled with the promises He has given to us and it so much more then we will ever understand in this life! praise God for His word!!!


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