Thursday, December 11, 2008

6 amazing years

Six years ago my life forever changed. On that wonderful Wednesday, December 11th, 2002 I started dating the most wonderful person that I have ever known, and thus began the amazing journey that I am still on today. Now, I know now that we are married that it’s not our official anniversary, and we don’t celebrate it anymore, but I have to acknowledge what this day means to me.

Even before the day that Scott asked me to be his girlfriend, I knew that he was someone incredibly special to me, and even if I couldn’t pin-point all that he meant I knew that his role in my life would completely change me. When he asked me to be his girlfriend that night, it is a moment that I will never ever forget. I remember exactly how I felt and everything about that moment as it is just happened yesterday. It was such a special moment filled with the newness of young love. I remember being so giddy and filled with butterflies that I could hardly fall asleep that night! Scott bought me a teddy bear and gave it to me that night, and it was such a cute thing that I still have today that brings me back to that moment. It’s amazing to me that the Lord had completely planned out the adventure that we would face together, and how that moment was the beginning of His wonderful plan for us.

I never would have thought that day how being with Scott would enrich my life, and make me happier beyond my wildest imagination. I never would have thought that in him I would find my very best friend who would be so loving and loyal to me through thick, thin, good, bad, long distance, and any other thing I could throw at him. He is the most wonderful person I have ever met and I am so blessed to call him my husband. The past 6 years that I have spent getting to know him and love him have been the greatest time of my life, and the past 6 months of being his wife is beyond anything that I could ever describe in words. I am so blessed that my Heavenly Father created my soul mate in Scott. That He went out of His way to create in him all the things that I would ever want or need, and so much more. I am so thankful that I have someone in my life to show me the constant love regardless of whatever comes. I love Scott more and more every day, and I appreciate him more every day, and I am so blessed to have someone who loves me for every part of who I am, but more importantly that he loves the Lord with every part of who he is. I can’t wait for the next 6 years!!


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