Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas wrap up & adios 2010!

So, I hope you all had an amazing Christmas!!! I can't believe how quickly Christmas came and went! My husband went way overboard and spoiled me with lots of gifts!! He's such a sweetie!! I hope you all were blessed big by your loved ones too!!

This year, we hosted Christmas Eve at our home for my family.  It was my very FIRST time hosting Christmas Eve dinner at our house, and it was really a bunch of fun!  Scott had to work on Christmas Eve, so that left all the hard work to me prepping all the food and goodies for everyone.  I love doing that kind of stuff, and only wish that we had a bigger home so that we could do it more often.  I wish I would have gotten more pics of all the food and goodies, but I just didn't have the time.  Here are some of the fun details that I did manage to capture.

I had this cute little Christmas graphic on the front door to greet everyone! I found the link on Be Different, Act Normal, it was a free download and so adorable!

About an hour before dinner, I decided that it would be fun to have a little menu board for the appetizers I made so that I didn't have to repeat myself like 15 times.  I had this frame sitting in my closet, and a little chalkboard spray paint in the garage and whipped this baby up.  Pretty cute for a last minute detail huh?

 We always spend Christmas Eve with my family, then Christmas morning Scott & I always make a gingerbread house, and do our gifts, then we head over to his parent's house to do Christmas with his family.  One thing that I love about our family all living so close is that our kids will get to have 3 Christmases each year! Growing up,  I didn't live close to either of my Grandparents, so I love that my kids will get to have that in their life.  

So here's some pics summing up our Christmas!!

Yup, that pretty much sums up Christmas right there! :) I hope you all had an amazing Christmas, and I really hope that you all have a fun, safe, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 

Tomorrow, I have an awesome post to kick off the new year that your really won't want to miss!!! Trust me! 


Marie@PoutyPinkPrincess said...

Looks like you all had a fabulous Christmas! I LOVE Rules of Engagement! haha! I can't believe you whipped up a menu board the day you were hosting...very impressive!! It turned out super cute! Have a Happy New Year!!

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