Thursday, September 2, 2010

a beautiful week together

This week has been so wonderful! Scott finally started his new schedule, and for the FIRST time in our marriage we are both home together at night!! Yay!! When we first got married Scott was working late every night till 10:00, and at that time I was working 8-5.  It was super challenging to barely see him at all during the week, but we made the best of it. From that time, his schedule has been progressively getting earlier, and finally he is now working nearly the exact same time as me!!

I have honestly been giddy all week at the simplest things that I am sure many married couples take for granted or count as normal.  It's been so fun to have him go to bed at the same time as I do, and getting up in the morning when I do.  I have love getting kisses good morning, and having him tell me "have a good day at work."  I feel so excited over the facat that he is home shortly after I am, and that we get to have dinner together at a "regular" dinner time instead of at 8:30ish.  I love running errands after work with him, and having mid-week dates!! Honestly, it's all been SO fun, and I am so thankful that we are finally getting to spend more time together! :)

Anywho, I finally got my gorgeous mirror hung up and wanted to share it with you all!!

Ahh, I love it!!! It's the perfect fit! :) What do you think?

Notice my jersey??? That's right it's FOOTBALL season (my favorite part of the year) and that means it's time to rock the Patriots jersey yet again for my fav Tom Brady!! <3 My hubby snapped some shots of me tonight while we were watching the Pats game.

Ohhhh Tom, how I heart you! :)

It gets pretty tense in my house when the Patriots play Scott's homeboys...the Mannings. (BOO!)  He thought he was pretty funny snappy this picture tonight.

....Not funny Dodge....not funny at all. :)

I hope your weeks been as blessed as mine has!!


Ashley's Thrifty Living said...

aww I am so glad you guys get to spend more time together! Mike has been leaving for work later and later, so we are eating breakfast together a lot more now! (which I love too!)p.s cute jersey! (even though I don't follow is more my thing!)

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