Thursday, June 10, 2010

gone too soon. i'll be missing you!

Well, this past week has definitely been a challenging one for me. This past Sunday, June 6th my beautiful Aunt Frances passed away and went home to be with the Lord. To say that this was a complete and utter shock would be an understatement. My Aunt was so young and still so full of life at the young age of 66 and to think that she is gone now heartbreaking. About two weeks ago, my cousin Lori had posted on Facebook that my Aunt was in the hospital and she was asking for prayers for her recovery. My Mom immediately made a call to my cousin to get the details of what was going on. My Aunt had been dealing with pneumonia since February and had been on medication to help but nothing seemed to make it better and she kept feeling worse and worse. When she finally did get to the hospital she was only breathing at 40% and from there things took a turn for the worse. She ended up in cardiac arrest which caused brain damage, and things continued to spiral downwards from there. After days of her struggling for life and finally becoming essentially brain dead my Uncle & cousins made the extremely difficult decision to take her off of life support.

I have dealt with death in my life before as two of my Grandparents have passed in the past 5 years, but for some reason this felt so different, so much harder. Not to say that I wasn’t heartbroken over losing my Grandparents, because I very much was, but they were getting up there in age where it cushions the blow a bit more, if that makes sense. I guess I felt that my Grandparents got to live a FULL life, but with this loss it really hit me that life is just so fragile. I feel like she still had so much life to live and that was just taken from her so suddenly. My parents are obviously in the same age range as my Aunt was, and to me that is still so young to lose someone. I could never imagine having to deal with the loss of my parents right now and it is breaking my heart thinking of how my cousins and Uncle feel right now. At first the whole shock of her passing didn’t hit me as I was so concerned about my Mom and her feelings on losing a sister. I was thinking and praying for my Mom that it really didn’t all hit me until an hour or so after I heard the news and then the tears finally came.

Unfortunately, I was not able to attend my Aunt’s funeral service, which is actually happening this afternoon. My Aunt & her family live in Southern California and as much as I would have loved to be there to honor her, my time with work, and money wouldn’t allow it. I figured this post would be a way to honor her life and memory today in my own special way. My Aunt was such a wonderful person and I will miss her greatly. I didn’t get to see her as much as I would have loved to, simply because of the distance and traveling that it takes to see each other. The last time that I actually saw her was at my Nana’s funeral about 5 years ago. It was always so funny to see her and my Mom together!! It was scary how much they were a like. Their mannerisms and verbage were so similar!! My siblings and I always found that hysterical as for most of their lives they have lived so far apart and did not spend a lot of time together face to face. Even their voice sounded similar, it was hard to determine if it was my Mom or Aunt talking at times. That’s genetics for you I guess! My Aunt was so loving and full of life, and just being around her made me feel so happy and loved. She was truly a beautiful person inside and out and I will miss her very very much. I can’t wait to see her again in Heaven, as well as all the other loved ones that have passed on of mine. It’s so wonderful to have the HOPE in Christ that I have. I know it’s not goodbye forever, it’s only a see you later. I know right now that she is rejoicing in the Heavenlies, in such awe of all the glory of God and I am so excited that she has met our wonderful maker.

Aunt Frances, I love you, I miss you, and I can’t wait to give you a big hug when we meet again.
If you could please pray for my Mom, my Uncle & cousins, and my family in general as they grieve this loss and deal with the days ahead I would really appreciate it! And don’t forget, make each day of life count. Hug tighter, give more kisses, & say I love you to the people you care for. Don’t ever take any moment of life for granted because you never know what tomorrow holds.


Ashley's Thrifty Living said...

I am so sorry for your loss! xx

Shaynah Asher said...

that was beautiful! She is so lucky to be in heaven with the Father and not have to see the world crumbling around us...

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