Saturday, June 12, 2010

celebrating two years as mr & mrs

Tomorrow is my TWO year anniversary! Wow, time flies!! It feels like only yesterday was the big day that Scott & I were joined together as husband & wife, and now here we are two years later it just amazes! The past two years have been wonderful, challenging, beautiful, blessed, and so very much more.  I love being married to my BEST friend and sharing every day of my life together.  I could not have a better husband than Scott, he is my soul mate in every single way possible.  Thank you Lord for creating the most wonderful man to be by my side each day of my life.  I have loved being a wife, and learning and growing in that God given role more each day.

As amazing as the past two years have been, I cannot wait to see all the great things the future holds for us.  I know that this next year is going to be better than this year was, and each year will just keep getting better & better!! Honey, I love you SOOO much and I am so blessed you picked me to be your wife!

I put together this fun little video of our professional pictures from our wedding day as my little look back in honor of two years! I really hope you enjoy it! I absolutely LOVED my wedding photographer and I think they did an amazing job of capturing our special day.  I still can look through them for hours and they still take my breath away like the very first time that I saw them! Enjoy :)


Nori said...

congratulations! your video is so beautiful and sweet. :o)

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