Tuesday, January 19, 2010

i'm dreaming of...

Blog much?!?! I'm sorry I have been MIA, but things have been busy the past month and I've neglected my sweet little blog.

This Spring, we are going to be finishing our 2nd bathroom upstairs.  Right now, we just have the plumbing roughed in but that is soon to change!!! I have been dreaming about what I want to do with it, and although some of my dreams will be just dreams, I thought I would share my inspirations with you!!

Chandelier=L-O-V-E & the ruffle shower curtain is to die for!

Beadboard...yes please!

How adorable are these?  Cute touch for a kids bathroom which mine will be (eventually!)

Ahh!! I'm in love! Maybe in my NEXT house! :)

I'm thinking I could easily replicate this baby!

Anything baby blue is good in my book!

Um, can you say GORGEOUS!! I want that mirror!!

Everyone's gotta have a dream, right???


Laura Larson said...

Now you have made me want to redecorate my bathroom!! I love the ruffled shower curtain as well . . . too bad redecorations won't be in the budget until after school, oh well, have fun decorating yours. I'm sure you will come up with something fun and creative!

Alicia Olson said...

if only anthro wasn't so expensive eh!?! TOTALLY MY STYLE 2!

Anonymous said...

That mirror is amazing!
I would love it as well!

mommak said...

CUTE pics!! :) I think I'm a little inspired!! :)

Room to Inspire said...

Great collection. My twins share a bathroom and even though they are only 4, it needs to be updated to be less baby. These photos got me thinking...and I just love those little B/G tags.


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