Saturday, August 22, 2009

thrift store renovation

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So, again my newly inspired DIY thoughts (due to the GREAT blogs I have been reading) I went to the local thrift store on a mission!! I wanted to do another chalkboard project but this time I had my kitchen in mind. I headed to the thrift store in search of an framed piece of art that was in need of some TLC to take it from fugly to fabulous! The store had a ton of great frames but I finally spotted one that I knew I could bump up into a whole new dimension of fabulous!

I will admit that people gave me some funny looks as they saw me snatch up the ugly beat up piece of artwork, and I don't blame them. It didn't EXACTLY fit the style that I give off, but if only they knew what I had in mind for this baby!!

What I loved about it was the gorgeous details and style of the frame. Now, please don't judge me for painting over a piece of artwork that contains Jesus. I found it a bit ironic myself but I know the Lord wants me to be happy!! LOL :) So, I snatched this frame for a deal at $16 and went to Home Depot and got two spray paint cans and some sand paper and went to town!! First, I lightly sanded the frame to get the varnish off, and to make sure that spray paint would stick nicely.

After I sanded I made sure to clean off all the frame so they weren't any dust remains any where on the frame so it wouldn't be a messy paint job, now it's ready to paint!!!!!!

The color I picked for this project was GLOSS apple red. My 1/2 bathroom downstairs is red (and please no paint jokes if you have BEEN in that bathroom...yes I know it needs some touch ups, STILL!! haha :D) and I also picked this color because I thought it would give some spice to my kitchen, and eventually I want to get some red toile curtains/pillows in my dining room/living room area so the color will flow well with the downstairs flow.
I used the whole can and did a couple coats front and back. Again, super simple and easy to use and it dries fairly quickly. I had the whole back and front of the frame done by last night, and then I let it dry overnight so that I could cover the painting with the chalkboard paint today. I also painted over the actual painting with the red coat as well, simply because I didn't want to cover it up, but also to kind of layer it before I used the chalkboard paint. I used the same chalkboard paint as I did with my laundry room re-do, and the same method. I taped up the edges of the frame (again another good reason that I let it dry overnight) and then did 6 coats of chalkboard paint.

After the 6 coats dried, I took the tape off, and it looked a little something like this. (Sorry, the top of the frame got cut off)

Again, I got a little bit of leakage through the tape on the bottom corners, but that's no big deal. I am going to have to get another can of spray paint to touch it up, but for now I am in love!!!!!! I love the glossy finish of the apple red and I seriously cannot believe this is the same ugly painting that I picked up less than 24 hours ago. It's amazing what you can make if you just see the potential in it!!
I decided to hang this baby up above my sink where I previously had a french memo board. I love pictures (which if you know me well enough you are aware) and I just have SO many all over my house which is a GREAT thing but I am looking to de-personalize and add a bit more classic style to the house.

So now, my kitchen sink area looks like this!!!

I love, love, love it!!!! I haven't added a saying to it yes, as the paint hasn't dried for a full 24 hours but I just couldn't wait to hang it up in my kitchen!! It really sticks out against my white walls, but like I have said a million times, my home is still a work in progress!!!
So, tell me your thoughts! You can leave comments even if you don't have a blogger account and if you look you better tell me what you think! I don't think it's a bad project renovation for under $30 especially since it looks like it's worth WAY more than that!! I think I am becoming a DIY kind of gal...this stuff is addicting! Adding cute pieces to your house on the cheap, there is nothing like it!!!!!!!!!!! :)
lots of love from me to you!


tiffany said...

"but I know the Lord wants me to be happy"
I love it! Great Job Kimmy!!!

Dee said...

Hmmm, im not sure I am in *love* with it. But I think I would be if I saw it in person! I think the flash makes the pic seem weird...kwim?

Other than that great job at being creative. My grandmother had that original pic BTW.

sarah said...

Very cute! I love the shape of the frame!

Ashley said...

It looks great! I wish I was that bold with colour!

Let it Shine said...

You are funny!
I think I would feel a little strange paitning over Jesus too!
Love the color combo

Amanda said...

I love this idea. I've used chalk board paint but never to paint over an actual painting. Does the chalk dent the canvas when you write with it?

Kimmy said...

Amanda, it doesn't dent the canvas. I did about 6 layers of paint to really coat the canvas and you can't even tell it used to be a painting!!

The Popes said...

HA! Painting over the Jesus picture is so funny!

I think I would have had to say a little prayer first!

But it did turn out great!

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