Tuesday, August 11, 2009

from drab to fab

so, lately i have been reading a ton of GREAT home decorating blogs. i never realized how many great blogs are out there regarding home designing on a budget! i have added the links of the great ones i found to my following list (if you are interested).

i have been feeling so inspired lately because of these blogs, they really are great tools! there was a ton of awesome pictures about laundry rooms, and tonight as
i found myself wondering around tj maxx i definitely scored some great finds and my laundry room went from drab to FAB!!!

i really wish i would have taken a BEFORE picture but i was too excited to organize all my new stuff that i forgot to! i know most of you know what general laundry rooms looks like, messy, cluttered, ect. but here is my AFTER!!

don't you love it? super organized and stylish!

these polka dot storage bins were so adorable! i love polka dots, but i wanted them to not SO girly and i think this accomplishes it well! i am one for organization and the bins hold all my cleaning & laundry supplies perfectly!

so a few months back i saw something similar to this in the ballard designs magazine. it was on a much larger scale but i fell in love with the look of it! i thought this would be the perfect touch to the laundry room!
how cute does this look together?! this bucket was so adorable i just couldn't pass it up. i put the towels & toilet paper for our downstair 1/2 bathroom. it's definitely way more stylish then hiding them underneath our kitchen cabinet.

here is an up close of the bucket!


and finally, what inspired the room to begin with!! the laundry sign!

i love that it's a mirror, it adds the the charm i was looking for and it's just PERFECT!! :)

overall i am VERY happy with how it turned out! i am sure there will be tweaks here and there in the future. i would love to paint the room, and change out the standard shelving it's on, but for now i simple love it!!

and here is a teaser of my next project in mind!

this is a white board calendar that we don't use very much (as you can see by the month listed) but i have a GREAT plan for this little thing! don't want to give it away but it will be grand :)

hope everyone is having a great night!!!

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