Monday, September 29, 2008

a thankful heart

Philippians 4:19 (Amplified Bible)
And my God will liberally supply (fill to the full) your every need according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

today the Lord really stirred this verse in my spirit while i was sitting here at work with everything that has been going on today in our world. here is a tidbit of what you can see all over the news headlines today, this one is courtesy of fox
with our country in a complete state of panic, and even in my workplace with co-workers who are in a shocked, concerned, and fearful state about what tomorrow brings, i have had a day to really communicate with God about what a benefit it is to know the truth of His word. i honestly can't imagine what it would be like to have to live without the word of God in your life. the word is so vital to the core of who i am and how i live my life that i can't imagine to live a day without it. in the days that our world is currently facing, thank God for His word! thank God that i can sleep at night and know that He alone & nothing else is my source. i can know that because i am a tither and a giver that my needs are met and i am BLESSED beyond measure!
as the Lord brought Philippians 4:19 into my spirit today, i almost was sitting on my desk about to laugh because i know that no matter what my needs are that they are met, and that is because i live the by laws and rules of God's economy and not this world's! my riches are in HIS riches which aren't wrapped up on wall street, or in any government bank. what awesome news that is! it is awesome to know that no matter what the situation, that i can trust & rely on Him to bring me to the other side with a liberal supply, filled to my fullest of all that i need!! praise God! so, this really got me thinking about having a heart of gratitude for what the Lord has already so graciously blessed me with and i wanted to remind myself of those things, so here is my list.
i am thankful for:
-my wonderful husband: he is an amazing provider, who loves the Lord more then he loves me, who is my best friend, and he is more then i could have ever wanted, or deserved.
-my wonderful family & friends who despite all the craziness we have experienced, love me, care for me, and supports me through the good, the bad, & the ugly.
-my amazing house: this is truly a God given blessing! what a beautiful home that i have with my husband, that the Lord was able to provide means for us to build, live in, furnish, and love.
-my job even though some days i don't like it, it is a provision for me to live, bless others, be a giver & a tither, and help to support my family. in times when people are having a hard time finding jobs, thank God for the steadiness that i have in mine.
-life & the means to live it: in times in our world when people can't pay their bills, let alone enjoy the wonderful things that life has to offer, i get to pay off what i owe, give to the Lord, and enjoy life on top of that!! for that i am TRULY blessed, and have my needs met, and have some extra to enjoy. it may not be the glamorous life of expensive things, but it is a life FULL of good things for me to enjoy. what a blessing!
i guess i said that all to say that today what the Lord spoke to me about was that not only that He is and will continue to be my provision through whatever tomorrow brings, but that when days look dark, and things look tough, to remember what He has done, be thankful for it all, and as you do that, you will see that your concerns will fade because you know and have lived the goodness of what God has to offer, and no matter what is going on in this world, that will never change, the word of God is consistently the same and will ALWAYS stand the test of time. thank God for His word and thank God that i get to live in the fullness of it!!


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