Tuesday, February 15, 2011

be my valentine!!

So, did you all have a great Valentine's day? I absolutely LOVE Valentine's day, it is one of my favorite holidays for sure! I was so excited about it this year that I made some yummy treats to bring to work for my co-workers. Who says that just because you aren't a kid that the Valentine's treats have to stop? I decided to make some M&M "Cakies" as well as some chocolate crinkle cookies!! They turned out so cute and yummy (from what I heard)! 

I found these adorable plates at Target and wrapped up the goodies for everyone! I love how cute they looked!

I also made 2 of these cute little baggies with a free printable I found! Don't you love how cute they turned out?

What can I say, I love any excuse to bake up some goodies!! I just can't help myself, I have a baking addiction!

Our Valentine's day plans weren't really anything too special.  We decided to have a quiet "romantic" dinner at home, well as romantic as we get!! I actually really love just having a nice night at home with the hubby.  I am all for going out to a nice restaurant, but I equally love making a delish dinner at home for my man! It's an excuse to actually get him to eat dinner at our dinner table. We are horrible about eating in the living room.  Don't judge me! LOL :)

Here's our cute little dinner setup!

Look at my beautiful roses from the hubs! Aww <3

I was so excited to cook dinner in my adorable new Anthropologie apron that I got from the hubs as my Valentine's gift.  Seriously is this not the cutest apron EVER?!

Love, love, LOVE!!!

For dinner, I decided to make cheesy spinach stuffed chicken breasts, green beans, & a garden salad.  For dessert we had chocolate pudding with homemade whip cream!  Simple, delicious, and totally perfect for a yummy dinner at home!  

Yum, yum, yum!!  Overall, it was the perfect night at home, I couldn't have asked for a better Valentine's day! I am so thankful that I have had the same Valentine for the past 8 years! My hubby is so good to me, and I am so blessed that I haven't scared him off yet! Haha :) 

Here's some pics of our fun night together! 

I had to BEG my hubby to take a picture with me....he is so anti self taken pictures! LOL! Below is proof that his patience wore out with me after taking one picture.  I had to tackle him to try and get one smoochy picture.

Haha hilarious right?! It's SO us though you don't even know!  I love how quirky and weird it is, true to form! 

I hope you guys all had a wonderful day with your lovelies! I have a really fun revamp post that I will be uploading later this week, so you better swing by!



Haley said...

We eat in the living room every night.. but that's because we don't even have a kitchen table! Ha, ha.. when we get one we will for sure try to eat at the table, though.. ;)

Melissa said...

We are so bad at eating in the living room too! We did eat at the dining room table for our Valentine's dinner though. It looks like you had a great time, and I love the apron!

Marie@PoutyPinkPrincess said...

So many things to say! haha! I LOVE the apron...adorable! We NEVER eat at our table (usually has a crafty project on it!) But I love your dishes!! I wish I worked with you and got fun treats to eat...So sweet of you!

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