Monday, March 22, 2010

spring has sprung

It's definitely starting to feel a lot more like Springtime around here.  We finally broke the cold snap that is winter, and I think we have said adios to winter & snow!!  I couldn't be more happy!!

I can always tell when things have taken a turn towards Spring when the pond in my backyard melts and it finally happened! Last week it was still half way frozen, and today it looks like this.

Not only is it melted, but can you spot the little friendly creatures that have come to my backyard.   Need a close up??

Well hello pretty geese, so happy to see you again (that is until you start pooping every where).   We also had some other winged creatures stop by to say hello to me today.
Overall, I just love when this time of year rolls around and I get to enjoy all this de-thawing, as well as the nice scenery of  beautiful brown grass!!  I know you're so jealous right??

Besides this beautiful Springtime weather, I have many exciting things coming up in the next couple weeks.  My sister & nieces are flying in from California on Wednesday and will be here for two weeks to celebrate Easter with us.  

I just can't wait to smooch on these two little cuties!!! Can you blame me??? :)

I hope you all have a blessed week!! 


Jennifer Rizzo sanctuary art said...

Hi Kimmy, I wanted to stop by and say thank you for the nice comment. Those two little girls are just gorgeous!!!

Wendy said...

We are ready for spring here, too! How beautiful to look at a pond in your back yard! They are two cute little girls! Have a great Easter :)

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