Thursday, December 10, 2009

12-11-02 <3

7 years ago today, my sweet husband asked me to be his girlfriend. We were so very young (15 & 16) and infatuated with each other, it was truly young love in the very best way!! I remember how nervous I was sitting in the lunchroom as we talked and he asked me out. Wow young love is soooo dorky!! However, I now look back at those days with such delight in my heart. It was my first thrill of a relationship, my first thrill of saying I had a boyfriend!! Even though we were so young, I knew in my heart that there was something so very special about us. I truly knew in my heart that God had some great things in mind for us as a couple and boy was I right!! On that day, if I would have had any clue what the next 7 years would hold for us, I wouldn't have believed it!! So many wonderful times shared, so many challenges, but good or bad, it's all been so wonderful!

In Scott, I truly have my best friend, my best support, and a living example of God's amazing love. We have grown so much in life together from being silly teenagers, to now husband & wife, and I can't wait to see what the next 7 years hold for us! We have had an amazing love story crafted and planned by our Heavenly Father and I love living a new chapter of it every day of my life.

Honey, I love you now & forever and thank you for putting up with my crazy pants teenage drama, our long distance two year relationship in college, and everything that I challenge you with every day as your wife. You are more than a blessing to me and I love you more than words could ever say!

Here are some fun pics of us through the years!!

Senior Prom 2005
I love how he is looking at me!
Senior Retreat 2004

His first Oklahoma visit 2006
He came to visit me my 2nd year in college..don't worry I made PLENTY trips home my first year!

Summertime 2006
Totally us you have no idea!

Our FIRST official date
We look SO young!


Alisa said...

Looks like true love to me :) Congrats on your "anniversary".

I pray the Lord continues to bless your marriage!

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