Wednesday, September 9, 2009

S + K

TWO years ago today, my honey proposed to me!! I know that we really only have one main anniversary to celebrate now (our wedding of course) but I still celebrate the times in our lives that got us to that day and our engagement is most obviously one of those days!!

I will never forget the moment I saw Scott down on one knee with the ring in his hand and he uttered the best words I have ever heard in my life, "Will you marry me?" I still remember how I had the wind knocked out of me and just fell to my knees into his arms in shock that it was actually hapenning! I had dreamt about that moment for the 5 years we had been together and it was more than I could have ever expected!!

Now, here we are two years later and the adventure for us is still only JUST beginning!! I am so thankful that God is leading us on this great journey and that I have the most amazing man to be by my side through it all!! Every day gets better & better!!!

Here are some pics to share with you!!

Lots of love from me to you!!


Maine-ly Me said...

My hubby and I also celebrate those special dates that got us to where we are! That's been one of the keys, I think, for keeping that spark going and finding reasons to celebrate your marriage. So whoop it up and celebrate big! :-)

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