Tuesday, March 3, 2009


This past weekend at church Pastor Mac gave an awesome message on the tithe and our “bill of rights” as tithers using Malachi 10 as his sermon. It was a powerful message and it really spoke to my heart. One part that he didn’t really bring up but it was something that the Holy Spirit set off inside of me was verse 12 of Malachi 10 and here is what it says:

“Everyone of every nation will talk about how I have blessed you and about your wonderful land.” (Contemporary English Version)

This verse came alive inside of me when I read it! I was thinking to myself what it would be like to have every nation call me blessed, to have them talk about how blessed my life is! What an awesome thing! This just became so strong inside of me. I want my life to be so saturated with the blessing of God that people cannot help but stop and wonder what it is that is different about me. I want to be so overflowed with the blessing that it seeps into every area of my life, that each place that I go that it attracts unbelievers to Christ because it is so undeniably strong in my life. Your life would have to be so seeped in the blessing in order for all the nations to call you blessed. It would have to be shining so bright and I believe in the times that we live in now where the dark is SO dark, that this is a time where the blessing will shine like never before!! Thank God for the blessing that I have as a tither and a giver, it enables me to live this every day! I am supernaturally anointed to live a life filled with the blessing, where I lack for nothing, I fear for nothing, but I know that my covenant with Christ supersedes debt, lack, poverty, fear, and anything else that the devil can try to throw my way! Praise God for His goodness! It’s so great to be His child!


suddenfire said...

okay...what you just wrote was awesome I will either give you the chance to share it somewhere or I am going to steal it and use it in DJH...good job thanks for sharing!

Kimmy said...

Well thank you!! I am glad it blessed you. I am up for sharing that, or you can "steal" it, although I guess I can't take credit for it to begin with!

ps said...

Good word!!!

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