Monday, October 20, 2008

it all started with one episode...

Last week Scott & I were having a conversation when I called him on my lunch break, and it went something like this:

Scott: “you are never going to believe what I just did”
Kimmy: “….what?”
Scott: “I just finished watching The Hills episode from last night on the DVR”
Kimmy: “Hahahaha…seriously?!”

Now I LOVE the TV show The Hills, just absolutely LOVE it! And since I have all 3 seasons on DVD and I DVR it every week, Scott has sat through a good amount of episodes and it finally got his interest peaked to the point where he actually LIKES the show as well!! Now this is really funny if you know Scott well because he is anything but the type of guy who would like something like this. He is everything opposite of that! So this got me thinking about how when you spend so much time with someone you can pick up their likes/dislikes, tendencies, and habits. Because Scott is married to me, lives with me, he gets 24/7 of what I like and how I am. The Hills isn’t the only habit that Scott has picked up from me since we have been married, so it has been an ongoing thing. We both have picked up new likes from each other since we have dated and been married, but I love that we are learning to understand each other & what we both enjoy, it’s fun to learn more about him everyday!!

So this got me thinking about our natural earthly relationships point towards how our relationship can be with our Heavenly Father. Just as in this case, the more time I spend with Scott the more I know him and can become like him in certain ways, which then parallels my relationship with God. If I am seeking more of the Lord, then the more that I seek to spend time with Him each day, and really immerse my life with Him the more that I will become like Him and know His heart. That is something that I really want more than anything else! I think sometimes in my mind, I can make my relationship with the Lord so much harder then it has to be. I think that it is something that is so much work to attain, and don’t get me wrong it is work, but if I just set aside time to spend with Him in His word and in His presence then it is something that will come naturally to me, because I will know Him better then anything or anyone else.

It has been really encouraging to me that as I learn more about my marriage and that relationship aspect in my life that the Lord is able to parallel that for me in the relationship He seeks to have with me. I just love that! I love that the Lord is always so real & practical when He speaks to us and teaches us about who He is! It is truly a blessing to be a child of the Lord!!!


Jessica said...

that's so true! Trent and I have picked each other attributes too! When we spend time with God, we will begin to do the same!! :)
That's cool!!

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